ITFC has made it easier for Indigenous people in Canada to benefit from a skyrocketing freelance economy!

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Here are 2 ways to use this platform

    • Share your "Knowledge" & get paid for it!

      It has been a practice that has worked in the Indigenous community forever! Share your experiences with Corporate Canada, regardless where you are geographically.

    • Be your own boss

      Accept only the offers that you are comfortable with! Offers are driven to your dashboard from employers all across the country!

    • Get Paid, Stress-Free

      When an offer is made and accepted ITFC Guarantees your payment upon successful completion of the project.

    • Flexible Commitment

      You decide your availability, negotiate fixed rates or for larger projects establish milestones!

    • Short Term-Recurring and Long term Opportunities!

      We are meeting the needs of Canadian employers and you are an essential part of this process.

    • Diverse Opportunities

      With over 1.7 million employers in Canada, you can be assured there is something for everyone. We started with over 75 categories in over 700 communities and we are still identifying opportunities for engagement.

    • Freedom and Flexibility

      Work for a variety of employers, keep it interesting and relevant.

    • Reliability

      Dedicated service to ensure timely payments and effortless communication with the client.

Join a team of Indigenous Canadians driving the “new economy”