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Here are 2 ways to use this platform

    • Knowledge Sharing

      It has been a practice that has worked in the Indigenous community forever! Share your experiences with Corporate Canada, regardless where you are geographically.

    • Be your own boss

      Work independently and remotely providing community economic insights!

    • Get Paid, Stress-Free

      Advocate your communities economic well being and get paid for doing it! Working on short term engagements can lead to bigger and better things!

    • Flexible Commitment

      Select jobs and assignments that fit your experience and schedule.

    • Freelance Projects

      Corporate Canada is looking for talent, we are helping them find it and you!

    • Diverse Opportunities

      With 75 different categories there is one fo you!

    • Freedom and Flexibility

      Work for a variety of employers, keep it interesting and relevant.

    • Reliability

      Dedicated service to ensure timely payments and effortless communication with the client.

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