We are changing the way we work!

Traditionally, 85 percent of Canada’s workforce has consisted of the employed. But that’s about to change: 45 percent of Canada’s workforce will be “on demand” or “freelancing” by 2023

The freelance Indigenous community

In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, the freelance economy has grown exponentially. The freelance Indigenous community has the most to gain! 

Join the ITFC Indigenous Freelance Community and benefit from:

The new frontier of engagement for Corporate Canada.

The flexibility and freedom to choose your clients! To work for those whose interests, align with yours, your talents and personal interests!

Enhanced flexibility. Who said the normal work day was 9-5 Monday through Friday?

Working remotely allows you to work for anyone anywhere, no longer restricted to employers in your community.

Earning potential! The ability to negotiate your rates directly with the employer, establish time lines provides an unprecedented opportunity to earn more!

Let’s get you started!

The ITFC platform provides for you the leads to get started! Create your profile and share it with companies interested in your skills. Receive alerts and notifications of opportunities that match your skill sets!  

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